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This policy applies to all Virtual Private Server (VPS) offerings of Webhosting24.

Enduser Custom ISO Policy

One Custom ISO file per enduser and customer-account with a maximum size of 10240 MB can be uploaded to the VPS control panel and will be automatically deleted after 96 hours.

CPU Fair Share Policy

You are allowed to burst up to 100% per vCore, but if sustained and/or prolonged high CPU utilization is detected you will be limited to 25% of a single vCore. This does not apply to dedicated CPU vCores.

IP Change Policy

You are allowed to request one free change of IPv4 address or IPv6 subnet within the first 5 days of the VPS being provisioned, further requests of this type incurr the normal support costs (currently EURO 20,00 +VAT for every 15 minutes started). If and when a new IPv4 address or IPv6 subnet will be assigned is and remains at the sole discretion of Webhosting24.

Transfer to Another Account (“Push”)

Generally Webhosting24 reserves the right to decide on a case-by-case basis as the transfer of Virtual Private Servers from one account to another has been somewhat abused in the past, was a frequent source of fraud and caused substantial additional costs.

The account the VPS is to be transfered to (“gaining account”) needs to be verified, have a valid firstname, lastname & address and no red flags showing up in our antifraud systems (no history of SPAM, no abuses etc.) and such a VPS transfer to another account (“Push”) is free of charge only once every 12 month period. If there is a merger, demerger or other corporate level transformation or transaction then that is not covered by this provision – please create a support ticket with billing/administration in this case to discuss the correct procedure also for administrative and tax purposes.