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Latest Announcements

NextCloud upgraded to version 15.06 and patched for bug #14968 8 Apr 2019

We have upgraded all NextCloud instances to version 15.06 and at the same time manually applied a patch to solved the issues with the directories of shared links not being browsable:... More »

Hosting Node.js available also with version 10.x 19 Oct 2018

Version 10.x of Node.js is available as of now for your hosting: https://www.webhosting24.it/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/create-nodejs-application2.png FAQ Node.Js

Office365 available also as bundle with ESET AntiVirus 16 Mar 2018

Combo packages with Office365 and ESET AntiVirus are available as of now. Office365 costs less with Webhosting24!