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When all or specific resources of a Service (according to the Webhosting24 Terms and Conditions) are marked, tagged, or described as being subject to fair share or by any other mean have a fair share provision, this Fair Share Policy (“FSP” thereafter) document, including the following list of thresholds, is an integral part of your Hosting and Service Agreement with INCUBATEC Srl d/b/a Webhosting24 (“Webhosting24” thereafter).

cPanel and Plesk Hosting CPU Fair Share

Virtual Private Server (VPS) CPU Fair Share

VPS Other Resources Fair Share

If certain VPS usage causes a high number of interrupts (both hard and soft IRQs), a high number of incoming or outgoing packets per second, spikes in traffic and/or IOPS so that other customers or equipment is negatively affected, Webhosting24 reserves the right to notify the Customer about this usage, limit or suspend the VPS.

Webhosting24 reserves the right to modify this Policy and the ratios/thresholds as the hardware landscape evolves.

This Policy was updated on the 6th of September, 2021.